January 14th, 2013


Rained off

You know how when you have a cross-chest shoulder bag, it makes your skirt rotate? No? Maybe that's just me. Anyway, this morning on the way to work I achieved 1.5 full rotations, and arrived at work with my skirt on backwards. This in lieu of adjusting myself every 5 seconds to keep it straight. Because I'm that classy.

The first thing I did when I got here was sort leave for the conference in April. The conversation went like this:

Me: I'm about to apply for leave because I did something rash over the weekend.
Him: Oh yes, book some plane tickets did you?
Me: Um, yes. In April.
Him: *smartarse tone* Very well then, I'll consider it.
Me: You realise that if I can't go, then you'll have to, right?
Him: Granted!

I also told him what the conference was, because I have that kind of relationship with my boss. He wasn't fazed in the slightest - he knows my field already so there were no surprises. Reason number 375 for sticking with this job.

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Anyway, that's what I did with my weekend. I also discovered that you can carve polystyrene into shapes with a ceramic knife, and that it is possible to do this without messing up your just-cleaned house. But only if you close all the windows..

Meanwhile, last night I was highly entertained by Dr Wheel naked hooping to aid with indigestion. *hoop* *hoop* *belch* *tats cracks up* I am not really evil, but it was funny. *shameface*