January 11th, 2013


In which I don't move to England just yet

There are a few people on my flist currently looking for work, right? Seems an indication of the times. ;-/ I'm not at the moment, but I still keep my eye on what's happening in my field and this morning, this one came through. It's pretty much what I'd call an entry level job in the field, and I suspect I'd have a pretty good chance at it. But you know what I really like about this ad?

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Meanwhile, I want this. I want it bad. You know how I said I know more about Thedas than anyone should reasonably know? Well, they made a book for people like me, with pictures and everything! OMG OMG OMG! And it's being released just before my birthday! This is not a massive hint for my loved ones oh no, of course it isn't lalala .. *whistle*

And finally, This is very strange: the keynote address for CES 2013 from Qualcomm, featuring a gamer caricature (remember BOOM! HEADSHOT guy from Pure Pwnage? Kind of like that), Big Bird, a Rolls Royce, and Maroon 5 Dido. I kid you not.