January 10th, 2013


Aaaand, here comes the Agonising Pain

What I didn't tell you yesterday about Pretzel Class was that Tuesday is also the day I see DoomBoy, and this being the start of the New Year, he ran me through a new programme, which involves a session of intensive core work and a session of targeted weights training. I will be doing these on my own as my sessions with him are usually super-heavy (for me) weights that require a spotter or I'd drop them on my head. However, the exercises had names like Skull Crushers, Iron Cross Dance, and Cable Swim, and I had no idea what those are. So he ran me through them. All of them. Then I went to Pretzel Class.

Now I am ded. Or, parts of me are - weird parts, like the muscles between my ribs WTF? And in my armpits! Who the hell has muscles in their armpits? Anyway, I failed yesterday - I was supposed to do a bunch of running and I only did half a bunch before going "Fuck this for a game of soldiers" and going home to do some stretches instead because OH GOD OW. I'm not so hardcore as to not recognise when I should probably have a rest - at least, that's my excuse lalala...

Seems Greer's Class of Agonising Pain is not so inaptly(?) named after all.

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Meanwhile, since that wasn't a very fun topic, a comment from adam_0oo (who you should all go read cos he's dead entertaining) this morning suggested that unless I'm a comic book or a movie, he's unlikely to remember anything useful about me. Which got me thinking, if I were a comic book or a movie, which one would I be?

Tank Girl. Duh.

Anyway, I'm more interested in you. I'm sure there are Facebook memes that tell you this sort of thing, along with what colour you are, what crystal best represents you, and what line from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic most sums up your life. But I want to know in your own words, and why. Or maybe you could do someone else.

Mostly it's just because I want movie and comic recommendations. Yep.