January 9th, 2013


In which I write a lot of stuff about myself

So last night was my first Pretzel Class, previously touted as Greer's Class of Agonising Pain. Or, more officially, Body Mechanics. Turns out it wasn't that pretzel-ey, or that agonising. It did, however, contain such baffling moves as Dead Flies, Windscreen Wipers, and Teletubbies. Confused Tats was confused! So I just tried to copy what everyone else was doing and now if anyone suddenly yells "DROP AND GIVE ME 20 DEAD FLIES!" I will be prepared. Yep. Once I got over my unco self-consciousness there was minimal flailing, and Greer did not hesitate to grab my various body parts and push them where they were supposed to go when I got tangled up.

Anyway, I suspect I'll keep going. Today I can feel it in my upper abdominal muscles and also in the hamstrings. I can see how it all works, and Greer came up after and was all "I've been watching and you are flexible here but so.not. here, and overstrong here and weak-as here" and I was all *moop* but goddamnit I am determined to be able to kick myself in the face so nuts to my inflexible weaknesses, I shall Dead Fly them into oblivion. *warface*

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10. Questions, comments? I just blurted a lot of stuff (kudos if you read it all) but for all I know it's not the right stuff. So if you're all *tl:dr FFS Tats you go on too much*, but are still curious about anything, ask. K?

Meanwhile, here's a thing that made me laugh: A Lone Farmer At The End Of The World on RockPaperShotgun.

Part One.
Part Two.

Wow, I didn't even get to go into the things that DoomBoy made me do yesterday. Ah well.

Also, I'm like clockwork, apparently. I post around 10am weekdays, and people think I died if I miss a day and start emailing to see if I'm ok. O.o