January 8th, 2013


This post was developed by Navy Seals

Yesterday, weeweekittie posted a link to this: TRX training. It reminds me a little of the silly things we do when mucking about up at The Cliff, playing at ground-based tissu. However, it's a fitness programme, and the question posed by weeweekittie was "Why do all these exercise programmes claim a connection to the Navy Seals?"

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Meanwhile, I have a question for the Japanese speakers among you. I've always been given to understand that in Japanese, the stress is commonly on the first syllable of a word - like I was told that the Japanese word for banana is banana, but they say it BAnana rather than baNAna. Right?

There's a show we've been watching that has a Japanese character called Takeda. Now it just so happens that the man who was the top-ranked in the style of aikido I used to practice was also called Takeda, and his name was pronounced TAkeda. But on this show, they pronounce it taKEda, according to the Western style of pronunciation. It grates on my ears.

So how do you pronounce this? Or are there no hard and fast rules about names? Enquiring minds want to know!

Oh yeah, this has been mooted as a possible destination for our adventures this year. Dancing like a maniac for a couple of weeks on the shores of the sea my ancestors passed by on their way to England 12,000 years ago? Yes please!