January 7th, 2013


Pretzel time

You know the fancy new ceramic stove top that I bought when I first moved into the apartment a year ago? Maybe you don't, but take it as read that I've been quite happy with it and it's doing a fantastic job, and because it's fairly new it looks nice as well.

Or at least, it did. I'm sure some of you know where this is going..

Yep. On Saturday evening, the YoT accidentally dropped a bottle of olive oil on it. I know it was an accident and I'm not mad with him, but I am crying internally because the hob now has a chunk missing out of the edge and a crack running across the corner that only just misses one of the elements. We've done a bit of googling around and it turns out that this is a fairly common problem (olive oil bottles even being the main culprits). However, there doesn't seem to be a common solution in terms of repair. This makes me go WAHWOEISME because while you can probably get a replacement for just the glass, who's to say it won't happen again? Also the crack could potentially affect the use of that element, which is one of the ones I use a lot. And now it's not perfect and WAHWOEISME! *sadface* I don't know whether to replace it or live with it till we redo the kitchen - which could be several years. I've no idea how much replacement is, either. ;-/

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Meanwhile, yesterday I finally backed up my LJ using LJ Book. It took a lot longer than the 12 minutes allowed, but eventually it got there and I now have 10 years of posts in pdf format. It's 8500 pages long! That does include comments, because if I'm preserving my LJ for posterity, in a lot of cases the comments are the most interesting thing. But realistically, the chances of anyone being interested in it in the future are pretty small. Here are the ramblings of a person in the early 2000s. My how quaint. Etc.