January 4th, 2013


Also useful for burglars

Ages ago I asked about getting more dietary iron, and amongst other things the biggest recommendation was to cook food in iron cookware. So over the holidays I duly went and purchased a large cast iron frying pan (and a new wok because we'd worn out the old one - yay for the post-Christmas half price sales!). After doing the seasoning thing, last night I cooked our first meal in it.

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By the way, in case anyone's interested, here is the method I'm using for seasoning the frying pan. I like this because it's SCIENCE!

Meanwhile, I was knackered last night. Thinking for extended periods after getting used to having a short attention span is hard work. So we watched some episodes of Revenge* (yep, still silly) as we melted horizontally into the couch. Because we are that hardcore.

This afternoon, Fidel's. I am so ready for the weekend after my hard two days at work.

* Who knew that 'ambitious' was a sexuality?