December 30th, 2012



Last night I dreamed that tieke and Happy had taken being eco-friendly to the extreme and had used a Clydesdale and dog cart as their transport to the local burn. They Clydesdale was called Boss (like a boss!) and Happy spent the whole festival giving kids rides in the cart. This is how I could tell it was a dream.

I also horse-whispered another runaway Clydesdale (for QI watchers, I did not do this by 'easing it into the side of a house') because I'm such a hero. Hey, it was my dream! Anyway, someone bought Boss, much to Happy's relief, but I was able to save the day by providing them with a new horse to go home with - "Here's one I prepared earlier."

All of this happened in the grounds of my old high school in Maungaturoto*, which was flooded by the runoff from a dam half an hour after we left.

Freud would have a field day.

* Maungaturoto - Maori for 'mountain near water'. It's on the edge of the Kaipara Harbour - longest harbour coastline in the Southern Hemisphere woo! And the area is old volcanic, so there are stubs of dormant and extinct volcanoes all over the place. Pukekaroro (hill of shags) is one. Not the sort of place where dam-based hydro power will ever be a thing, although they are looking into tidal turbines at the mouth of the Kaipara. It's a good place for it.

Meanwhile, thank you for saying nice things to me yesterday. I know we're all supposed to be radiant with inner, self-created confidence, but let's face it, validation is nice - it provides something to pin the confidence to, eh?

Right, I should go buy some vegies. It's getting so I can't remember what day it is. This is a sign of a good holiday, right?