December 29th, 2012



OMG Tats, what the hell is going on there?

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This morning I recoloured my hair and actually found myself getting excited about wearing my new clothes, for the first time in .. probably since before Mum got sick to be honest. It feels good to want to do a new thing.

The other thing I figure I can change quite easily, is to make an effort to talk to more people in social situations. If I want to meet new people, I have to talk to them. A conversation the other day reminded me that it doesn't have to be deep, but making the effort to connect with people when you're around them can pay big dividends in terms of expanding relationships. So that's my plan, and I started it by not letting my self-doubt prevent me accepting an invitation for a New Years fun thing, and talking to everyone at Fidels last night. Hey, this is a big deal for me!

Yes folks, it's true. I can't even buy a pair of jeans without turning it into navel-gazing session. ;-)