December 21st, 2012


Happy break y'all from Future Land where we're nearly on holiday already

Nobody does any work on the last day of work right? Wrong. Since our web administrator is already off on leave and I'm the other one in my team who's not afraid of Wordpress (yeah, I know, wordpress), I get those duties. And one of our stakeholders chose this morning to send through a bunch of stuff that needs putting on the site. So yay! I get to be an admin for the morning. Right now I'm ranting at Adobe because apparently sometime between yesterday's login and today's, something went out of date and the update took forever and then needed a bloody reboot when I had 12 windows open full of stuff.. *gnng*

Can you tell I'm really not into work today? At least, not this kind of bitsy work that's got no teeth but lots of gumming around. I’d much rather be eating marshmallow Santas and refraining from throwing that bloody radio that’s playing Christmas carols out the window like everyone else is.

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Well, that went somewhere unexpected.

Anyway, my blog might get a bit sporadic over the next little while – I’m much less reliable when I’m not at work because I’m often doing other things. But I’ll try to keep up reading, will probably post semi-regularly, and will catch you all in the New Year*. I go back to work on the 3rd of January, normal programming will resume then. Have a safe and joyful break, folks.

* Unless there’s an apocalypse.