December 18th, 2012


Long and devoid of entertaining fluffy humorous stuff

I wasn't going to make this post. I would like to be thinking about things that are happy and fluffy and frivolous, and I am entirely aware that some of the things I have to say will incense some people. I really don't want to have a fight. I particularly don't want to fight with people I otherwise respect. And mostly, I don't want to feel that inner cringe that I feel when

a) I know that there are folks out there who would prefer I didn't go off on 'that feminist thing' again.
b) I know that some of those folks are folks who I like and who like me.

I've said before that being a woman is an exercise in choosing your battles, and that a lot of the time I say nothing for the sake of peace, or going along with a joke, or enjoying a movie, or just so that I don't get folks going "She's doing that feminist thing again." *eyeroll* When I do speak up, it's about a third of the times that I notice stuff that makes me go *gnng*

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Up the top I said I wasn't going to make this post. But then first up this morning I came across a situation in which a thyroid medication taken mostly by women had been changed, and the women were experiencing problems with it, and being told by doctors that it was all in their head. And at that point my desire to express this overcame my desire not to upset any applecarts.

So, um, yeah. Forgive me if I'm not all that accommodating of the wishes of those who'd like me to just shut up about this stuff. Or if I say something about a movie that you enjoyed that makes you think about it differently. I am capable of enjoying movies, and remember - every time I speak up there are two other times I've kept my own counsel, mostly for the sake of the comfort of others. Yet I can still enjoy movies, and friendships, and joking around. My life isn't entirely ruled by considerations of the so-called gender war. But to avoid noticing these things, I would have to avoid living, essentially. And I can't do that. So please, before you go *eyeroll* and tell me all the reasons why I'm being unreasonable, irrational, annoying, how men are important too, please consider how it'd feel for you, and whether you'd just go along with it if you were on the receiving end.

/humourless feminist