December 17th, 2012


Roll on, Friday!

Welcome to the last week of work for this year - for me at least. It also ends on the 21st, but there's a general consensus in my office that the End Of The World As We Know It would be the 21st, Mayan time, which makes it the 22nd here. So for me, the 21st is just the End Of The Week As We Know It, and a chance to spend Happy Fun Times in the supermarket because we volunteered to host Christmas this year.


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Meanwhile, I'm kind of over people using Christmas gift-giving as a reason to think they're better than other people. "I spent so much money!" is no better or worse than "Oh, I'm making all my gifts this year!" in terms of implicit judgement of the decisions of others, you know? Fact is, there's no obligation to give gifts at all, and it doesn't matter if you've loads of time for making things or loads of money for buying things, or neither or both - if someone's giving someone else a gift, that in itself is a pretty nice thing to do and surely this gifting business is about letting someone know in a physical way that you are thinking about them and want to do something nice for them?

Meh. I'm not really in the spirit of Christmas this year, but I'm looking forward to giving people the things I have for them. Some of these gifts aren't even things, they're concepts like *gasp* my time!

Please, judge me. Judge me hard.