December 14th, 2012


The Lady Garden, oh my!

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 90. He was an older Dad - 47 when I was born - which made him our link to the previous generation of grandparents we never had. But lately, I've been thinking about that. I'm 42 and my offspring is getting to the age where he's thinking about leaving home. By the time I'm 47 I expect he'll be well off on his own. And that's the age that Dad started the kid journey (well, actually at 46 with my brother, but yeah), knowing full well that he'd be retirement age before we left home. It gives me a new perspective on the sacrifice he made for the sake of how much he loved Mum. Brave, both of them.

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I think fourth-wave feminism has the same sort of utility as Foucault, or Curtis's documentaries - to create a starting place for analysis of the factors influencing agency. But I guess at some point someone has to create a framework to decide where the line of agency actually is, and who gets to decide that when we're all 'free agents'? Should I be allowed to sell my kidneys? Who are you, or the government, to tell me I can't? What about my sexuality? My heart? My life - can I sell myself into indentured servitude till I die? Under what circumstances would that be ok? How do we tell if I'm choosing this freely or not? How is it different from the 1/3 of my life I'm currently selling?

That's a lot of stuff to come out of looking at naked ladies dressed as lampshades, eh? So I think that's a win for Virginia.