December 12th, 2012


Show me the contents of your navel .. er ..desktop!

I've been back reading Twitter for about four weeks (since uni finished really), and in that time I've noticed the amount of Wrong People On The Internet has increased substantially. I stopped reading Twitter because I was finding it depressing and angst-inducing. I know that is a product of who I choose to follow, but it seems a lot of my friends like to post links to interesting things that are also depressing and angst-inducing. I'm not sure I'm ready to let Twitter go completely yet, but it's definitely lost its shine.

I'm also still avoiding thinking too much about Big Important Stuff. My brain doesn't seem quite ready to take all that on again yet. Maybe it needs a hard reboot. Meanwhile, fluff!

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Which is all very well, but really I reckon you should show me your desktop and tell me what's on it and why it's there. Because while I find my own navel endlessly fascinating, I'd much rather be looking in yours.

That didn't sound dodgy, did it?

Meanwhile, Wellington folks - has anyone seen that lady who dresses in army uniform and patrols the streets lately? I don't recall seeing her for about 6 weeks and I'm wondering if anything happened to her.