December 10th, 2012


Sheep are unique individuals and they know it. Gosh.

Since Saturday was a wet sheep day and stood in for my Sunday, I spent a fair bit of it hacking away at my aluminium bits with a coping saw. The result is that I only have one more cut to do. However, then I will have four beautifully-cut bits of aluminium with verysharp edges. I figure I can soften them off with a file, but I'd like to 'finish' the metal to a surface that looks similar brushed stainless steel and I have no idea how to do that. I know there are folks on here wot make stuff from metal, so if anyone has a resource on this they can point me at, that'd be awesome.

Also because of Saturday being Sunday for me, yesterday was Saturday and I went shearing. Three clients, three breeds of sheep, and a lovely sun(burn)ny day. I am keeping the sunscreen folks in business single handedly at the moment.

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We were all done by 2 in the afternoon, so after I got home there was still a bit of day left, which I spent doing my washing (again - shearing clothes are stinky and you can't leave them hanging round or your whole house will smell like sheep) and having conversations with dragons about time travel. True fax!

And then we watched Pitch Perfect. There were so many wrong things about that movie but I still found it highly amusing and the singing was pretty bloody cool. Weirdly enough, one of my clients for the day had been telling me about how a capella and barbershop are getting really big here too. It's a Thing.

Apparently there was a Christmas parade? I think I missed it.

[edit] I have this friend. On here she's perseph12. She's very smart, funny and caring and one of my favourite folks to read, because she's always interesting. She also has adult-onset epilepsy, and I've watched as it has done it's damndest to mess up her life. And yet, she hasn't let it, mostly by sheer force of will. Now, she's trying to find ways to get it under control. But it's expensive - $5000 expensive. Here's a thing where you can help her out. Normally I don't post these things but perseph12 is awesome and she really deserves a break.