December 5th, 2012



This is really interesting. A scientist studying dopamine has discovered that it appears to be more about motivation than specifically pleasure - which has some interesting implications for research on the use of drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. Thanks ms_danson for sharing the link.

Meanwhile, last night was the YoT's school ball. Him and two of his friends got all swished up at our house and off they went. Sadly, that's all I have to share - they were coy about pictures but they did look very nice. Oh god I sound like my Mum. But they did! My giant offspring in a suit with a tie and being all.. flash-looking! It was neat. *squish*

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I got another congratulations letter from the University. It was nice. I wish they'd say "Congratulations, here's how you graduate."

Also, the talk was really good. A lot of it was not new information for me, but it was validating to see that some of the experts are thinking about the same things I am, considering the same issues, and coming to the same conclusions. I asked a question. I think I kept the quaver out of my voice - the two people I want to supervise my postgrad were there and I was nervous about feeling silly in front of them. Since when did I care about this?

Who the hell are you and what have you done with Tats?