December 4th, 2012


Well gosh. O.o

OK fanfiction, so I've tolerated the supple mounds and the marble columns and even all those people who hold their breath all the time without realising it. But what's with the lip claiming? Seriously - "He moved in and claimed her lips again..." WUT. Are they up for grabs? Exactly how does one claim a set of lips?

"Right then, I'll have those!"

"I'm afraid that under Section 32A of the Body Parts Ownership Act, your lips are actually mine."

*plants flag* "These lips now belong to Britain. Prepare to be colonised."

I'm sorry. Anyone attempting to claim my lips in the near future will find themselves sadly mistaken, followed by a short lesson on whose lips are whose. I like kissing though, lets do that instead.

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On a less disturbing note, today I am going to this lecture. Yes, I am voluntarily going to the university to be lectured. OMG WUT. However, I think it's about time someone pointed out the lack of reference to the positive aspects of recreational drug use in discourse, and it's stuff like this lecture that is paving the way for my own research.

And now I am impatient to get the email saying "Oi, you should graduate now! Here's how." Not that I'm about the instant gratification or anything.