December 3rd, 2012


On the complete lack of bikinis in my life

Further to my post on Friday about the YoT's new work boots, yesterday was the other step in the Shoes For Grownups plan - a pair of dress shoes to a) wear to his school ball and b) wear to job interviews. Men's dress shoes not being my department, Dr Wheel took the role of advisor for this one. We've already got The Suit, which has a pair of dress pants that I suspect are going to get quite some wear.

Now we cross everything and hope he's actually done growing. The feet, they be size 13. The body, it be 6'6" and just over 100kg. Surely that's big enough, right? Anyway, dress shoes being what they are, they are even longer than the boots. They look normal on him, but I could use them to save myself if sea level rise ever gets too drastic. I just need a paddle really.

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Yesterday I started work on the Magister's Staff With Bonus Creativity that I'm making in collaboration with grist. This meant hand-cutting aluminium because when I turned on my jigsaw it made a funny noise and then smoke came out. I got as far as I could with a hacksaw but what I really need is a coping saw, so I'm off to find one of those tomorrow. And I'll be working on Cold Blooded at the same time, which should hopefully make the whole process more efficient with less downtime while waiting for things to dry.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying having a table surface. Yep.