November 28th, 2012


Grump, brag, grump. Must be Wednesday

So Mr Penis Pics didn't reply to my second question. However, he has changed his icon - to one of a man in a wheelchair. It says it's him. Call me whatever you like, but I don't think being in a wheelchair gives him a Get Out Of Jail card for sending penis pics to women. Just saying.

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In other news, today's the world premiere of The Hobbit. It's happening just over there *points*. What that means for me is that getting around town is going to be hard because the pavements are all fenced off and full of Hobbit tourists. Meanwhile, I'm avoiding it. Call me a grinch if you like but I used to be proud of the LoTR stuff. That was before our government sold out our employment law for the sake of Warner Brothers' profits, Weta turned into a sweatshop, and every kiwi was forced to pay $15.20 towards its making.

So I'm not going to the premiere and I won't be paying to see it in theatres. I'm sure it's a masterpiece, but it's one we paid for with our rights, without consultation. Please spare that a thought while you're enjoying the hype.