November 21st, 2012

deal with it

Because you really wanted to know, you just didnt' know it yet

Last night's sheep - you know, the 14 fat wethers? Turned out to be 2 lambs, 4 ewes, 2 wethers, 5 rams and 2 cryptorchids. If you're thinking that's a funny balance of gender for a flock of sheep, you'd be thinking right. I'm not sure how it happened and nor is their owner, but she's realised this isn't ideal because as previously mentioned, this little farm is attached to a child care centre, and the rams/cryptorchids are fully adult now and getting big and bolshy. They were fine with me but apparently they are approaching scary with each other, and there's no way the kids are allowed near them. Also, tupping time is coming, which never brings out the inner pacifist in a ram. So she's looking at trading all the boys except one for ewes. Good move, says the one who has to shear them.

Also, they were boufhead Romneys.

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Also, in Things Tats Hates About Shearing, I cut the pet lamb. Sometimes cuts just happen when there's a twitch at the wrong moment and it's always sucky, but when it happens with the pet lamb that the daycare kids have been bottle feeding, it's orders of magnitude worse. For most of the shearing I'd had an audience of about 10 kids and their folks, but luckily I did the lambs last and they'd all gone home by then. Still, boo.

Anyway, I'm now caught up with the shearing, ready for another bunch on Saturday. And the YoT is getting better at both driving and catching sheep. I pay him to catch them for me because a) it's good for him and b) it makes my life so much easier. And he gets driving practice. Win!