November 20th, 2012


Bodies, bodies everywhere!

So we've been watching the back catalogue of True Blood because Dr Wheel hadn't seen it before and I'd only seen the first 2 seasons. His comment: "I didn't realise it was so pornographic." Mine: "So.Much.Male.Nudity!"

I don't think I've ever seen a series before that had more naked men than naked women. There was that film with Viggo Mortensen about the Russian mafia, but other than that I can't think of any time where manflesh has dominated. Also, that Viggo thing? Not sexy. Not even a little bit. True Blood, on the other hand, is unashamed objectification of unrealistically-chiselled men. It's.. picturesque.

Also, half way through Season 4, I think I finally get what the fuss is about over Eric the Viking. I think.

Meanwhile, Osteodude's latest torture healing exercise is to make me use one of these:

I do not look like this while using it. For a start, I have to use it one-handed and straight-armed. I'm supposed to work my way up to 3 minutes of wobbling it at a variety of angles. This is supposed to strengthen all the supporting muscles in my shoulder and help prevent further injury. So far I can do 2 minutes before I lose my ability to wobble, then 2 minutes' rest while I do the other arm, then the final minute. It's hard.

I don't understand that guy's stance either, just saying. Or his Come Hither look. If I actually did Go Hither, I'd get whacked in the face by his exercise equipment and also, he's wearing Stubbies so no.

Finally, still no exam result and I have 14 sheep to shear this evening. On cue, the weather forecast changed to say it's going to rain at lunchtime. At the moment the skies are blue and the sun's shining. Please stay that way, weather! what did I ever do to you?

PS gmail is trying to sell me Racewell Sheep Handlers. This makes me happy.