November 19th, 2012


In which I wonder why I do it

Right, so exams at Victoria are over. They finished on Friday. Why isn't my mark up yet? Hmm? What do you mean education staff should get weekends off too? I didn't.

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So yes, it's important to me to keep up with the sheep this year, and so I'm off out on Tuesday evening to shear 14 fat wethers in Tawa for a lovely lady whose wee farm is almost a petting zoo for the childcare centre she runs there. I have to be extra careful not to cut them because the kids would be upset if I hurt their pets. The fact that I think about this is one of the reasons I get asked back.

Anyway, it seems that even though it's frustrating trying to juggle my life around shearing every year and I reserve the right to moan about it from time to time, I'm not quite ready to give up doing it yet. Good to know.

Thank you for ploughing through my musing while I work out what I want to do in my head.

PS What does one wear to a wedding? I haven't been to one (that wasn't a burner one) since 1996.