November 15th, 2012


Chewing on a horseshoe?

Today I'm feeling kind of disheartened. I've been training in handbalancing since July, and I feel like I've made virtually no progress. I realise that this is at least in part because my ears are messing with my balance at the moment, but given the amount of time I've put into it, you'd think I'd be able to maintain a handstand for a decent amount of time. Last night I couldn't even find balance, never mind stay up there.

My normal solution to this would be "Train harder!" but I'm painfully (literally) aware of how handstands are pushing the boundary of what's ok for me to do with my shoulder and just GRRR!


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tl;dr My navel, it's full of yummy food that isn't quite as nutritious as I hoped. Bler.

Meanwhile, it's only 2 more days before exams end, which means I might actually get my result next week. I feel like I won't be properly finished until I know my result. In my copious free time, since Skyrim is huge and absorbing and I don't always have the headspace for it, I've been playing Drawn: The Painted Tower as a filler. It's fun and very pretty, and while it's possibly a bit juvenile, I quite like the layered thinking that the puzzles require as a slight brainstretch. A+ would recommend.