November 13th, 2012


He released the supple mounds he didn't realise he'd been holding

Today I'm not thinking about my undies. This is as it should be. Although, last night I modelled my boyleg panties for Dr Wheel to demonstrate why I changed them as soon as I got home, and he pointed out that they did look fantastic, and maybe were designed for those occasions when you'll only be wearing them for a little while because they'll be removed in short order.


I think the man has a point. It doesn't hurt to have a pair of PHWOAR-inducing undies in your drawer, right? I just won't wear them to work. *cough*

Also, I should note several people commented that those undies you buy in 3-packs for cheap are often the ones that end up being the most comfortable. Maybe it's A Thing - the cheapo undies are Old Faithful, and the fancy schmancy ones off the rack are for Quick Removal. Good to know.

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So, um, having noticed this, I'm wondering what other things get overused like this. You know how there's are sites dedicated to marble columns and supple mounds, like weepingcock? Are there ones for overuse of literary devices? Because I reckon I'd find it entertaining.

This weekend, I finally finished the sanding stage of Freedom's Call. What this means is that I can get on with the painting. I suspect there are several coats in my future, what with trying to make it look like old smithed metal (as opposed to cast). At least it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, right? I pity the people who make futuristic space-stuff for the perfection they must produce. Medieval has its bonuses for those of us who hate sanding, eh?