November 12th, 2012


Knickers in a knot

In good news, my shoulder handled shearing all those sheep with no noticeable after-effects. In not so good news, it's clear I've been neglecting shearing fitness (such as can be achieved in the gym) in my workouts. Shoulders? Strong as, no aches. Legs? OMG Ow Ow Ow! My almost complete inability to manage the two steps up out of our bedroom yesterday morning would have been funny if I hadn't really needed to pee at the time.

So, um, yeah. I see more straignt leg deadlifts in my future. Joy.

The other thing I did yesterday was buy some undies.

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Yes, I will be returning the ones I haven't worn. You'll find me in the granny section, looking for a pair of smalls that'll stay where they're supposed to. And yes I know Thunderpants are the way to go for comfort. They are also Extremely Expensive.

Yesterday we participated in Family Fun, Tats style. At the suggestion of Dr Wheel, we started a game of co-operative Dead Island. Call it a mini LAN party. It was lots of fun and kind of like being in Walking Dead, except with more really bad fake Australian accents and women in bikinis. I am struck by how all the women are in bikinis and all the men are.. fully dressed (in beach clothes, but still). Because Sexy Zombie is the latest beachwear? Uh.. But apart from that it's quite a lot of fun running round with my family whacking zombies with a paddle. Just saying.

An image worth seeing

Drugs ordered by their overall harm scores, showing the separate contributions to the overall scores of harms to users and harm to others
The weights after normalisation (0–100) are shown in the key (cumulative in the sense of the sum of all the normalised weights for all the criteria to users, 46; and for all the criteria to others, 54). CW=cumulative weight. GHB=γ hydroxybutyric acid. LSD=lysergic acid diethylamide.

From here.

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