November 9th, 2012


In which I am not actually that good at shearing

Shearing season starts properly tomorrow. What this means is that I'm booked every weekend for the next month or so, and by the time I get to the end of that I'll be booked every weekend for the following month. Hopefully the weather will stay relatively settled because otherwise I'll get behind and end up shearing after work during the week. The aim is to have them all done by Christmas, but usually I have one or two catch-up clients afterwards.

It's a bit of an acid test for my shoulder too, shearing being a somewhat round-shouldered affair with added sheep weight, it could end up making it flare up. Not sure what I'll do if that happens. I cut the Horokiwi mob in half and will only be doing the Leicesters and a couple of giant blobs tomorrow (a total of 25), which should test it out without nailing me completely.

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*phone rings*

OK scratch that, apparently I'm now doing three lots of sheep tomorrow and the tally just went to 35. Such is the nature of shearing season. *sigh*

But check it out, my mediocrity is totally in demand! ;-)