November 8th, 2012



The answer to yesterday's wee question about the treading water while waving your arm over your head is construction diving. In fact I think this is part of all tests for diving certification. I assume the arm-waving part is to demonstrate that you're not using your hands to support yourself and are therefore fit and efficient at treading water. Or something.

Meanwhile, I see that gmail is going to stop supporting IE.

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Oh yeah, the other thing that happened on Tuesday is that the YoT left school. They had a leaving assembly and everything. Now, he has one exam to do and then he's finished. He's apparently polishing up his CV for the handing around, but other than that we're all a bit "What now?"

I think this is a milestone. It doesn't really feel like one, but yeah. Mah offspring, not a kid any more. O.o