November 6th, 2012


(no subject)

After having my journal set to the new friends feed for about a week, I've come to the conclusion that it's ok apart from the endless scroll function. If you try to use the sidebar for scrolling, it does a weird glitchy jump thing and dumps you somewhere completely new in the stream and you can't tell whether to scroll up or down from there to get back to where you were.

That is suboptimal. Luckily, I'm told this will be an optional feature in the new feed, so I'll most likely keep it switched off. I kind of like the page format for that.

Anyway, as a consequence I haven't caught up on my flist from the last few days. If anything of note (or not) happened, please point me to it. And I mean it, I hate missing stuff so please link me to your posts!

I am having a day off to recover from my holiday. I always factor this into my adventures these days, because I can. I'm also really not obsessively checking the uni page for my exam results. Honest.