October 30th, 2012


In which it's sunny and scenic on the bottom of the world

Thoughts to those being stormed on right now. I hope you all come through OK. Meanwhile, Wellington is demonstrating quite nicely what it can do when it's not being shit. The sun is out, there's no wind and it's warm. OMG expecting the four horsemen along shortly.

Meanwhile, on the weekend we had rivet. Because there's been a rivet shortage lately, we all made sure we got a good dose. One of these doses involved scenery and sheep. Because New Zealand is pretty much made out of scenery and sheep.

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Anyway, this is what I did on Sunday when I should have been studying. I think that getting my dose-o-Jodi and vitamin D actually helped with exam-readiness. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

* Happy, whose work makes sure he's up to the play with climate science research, reckons that there's a strong correlation between negative attitude to windfarms in your local area, and wind farm illness. Interesting, that.

Also, I am having an outbreak of pompholyx (warning, slightly gross picture). Mine doesn't get that bad, I just get the little vesicles and the heinous itching on my fingers and feet. It's brought on by stress. I blame the exam and fully expect them to go away right now because I don't have exams any more so nyah.

I have to wait till after 17 November for my results. I think this is grossly unfair and that they should mark mine today.