October 26th, 2012


On why I've been less ranty lately

So I got my second essay back, did a few calculations, and it seems I have to get a total of 5% in Monday's exam in order to pass the course. However, I want to get an A, so I'm studying reintegrative shaming today, feminist criminology tomorrow, and Chicago school or right realism on Sunday. Combined with my fairly strong knowledge of the 7 theories I had to compare/contrast for the first essay, that should do it.

I can't wait. Only three days to go. I read this morning about one of my friends who's just finalised and printed her PhD - as in, no more PhD work for her, ever (congrats, btw!) and I can only imagine what that feels like. I'm only completing undergraduate study and it feels like I've climbed a mountain. For her, it must be more like coming back from the moon or something.

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So, um, someone remind me, what was I doing this for?

In other news, I won the battle of Mass Effect 3. Ha! And yes, I used filesharing to do it, just across our home network instead of the internet. To Origin's credit, it recognised that I already had the files and didn't try to inflict the Dreaded Auto-Download on me, simply installed them when I entered the product code. Now I've installed and am patching Baldur's Gate.** To do this, I need a good unzipper. Any recommended ones? Preferably free, and without that bullshit toolbar thing that every app and its dog wants to bundle these days.

Also, it's Friday. Today, we get a rivet. Any day with rivet in it is a good one. *SQUEE*

*Not really, but once I started that line I couldn't stop. Sorry for the cheese.
** This is part of the ongoing process in which I reinstall all my games (and some new ones) after the Great Harddrive Failure of 2012.