October 24th, 2012


All about horsies! No really.

One thing I can't work out about Walking Dead - the zombies are dead, right? They had to die in order to be reanimated. So if they're dead, they should be rotting away, and after 9 months there wouldn't be a hell of a lot left. Yet they seem to be as populous as ever. So maybe they aren't dead - in which case they would need inputs like food to keep moving, what with the laws of energy and all. Yet ones that are shut in inescapable places are still moving after 9 months despite not having anything to eat.

Dear AMC, why is this? Show your work.

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Freedom's Call is currently in the stage where I'm doing lots of work and making little progress. I've applied the goop, which always ruins the outline of the sculpted bits and makes me hate it. I've dremel-ed it back into shape and discovered that plaster mache forms a crust, underneath which has the consistency of particle board. So now I'm applying air-dry modelling clay to smooth everything out and regain the sharp outline so I like it again. I can do half of one side in an evening. After this there'll be more sanding, then more filling, and then maybe just maybe I'll be able to start painting. Long project is long.

And yesterday I got 2 emails about shearing. What is it with sheep owners that they always contact me in pairs? Anyway, this means that in a couple of weeks the sheep will start to take over my journal again. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not..