October 21st, 2012


Hallway planet art - installed!

OMG the house hasn't been this clean in ages! I am stoked. And also, exciting news - after several months of collaborative effort, this project is finished and installed. grist came round today armed with cables and boxes of goodies and a soldering iron and we put it together in the hallway and made it go. And it looks awesome.

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Unfortunately, cameras can't pick up the colours from the leds, it just shows up as white light. Which is sad because it's currently pulsing waves of colour across the ceiling. But you get the idea - you can sort of tell because of the colour of the light on the walls. We may have laid on the floor for quite a while watching the colours change. It's mesmerising.

There are a couple of tweaks to make to the prototype lampshade attaching method that we made up this afternoon, but we are feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves, eh?

And since there are a few new people here, here's the intro thing I wrote a little while ago that has info about me that may or may not interest you..