October 18th, 2012


Trying to imagine

As you know I've been making short forays into the world of DA fanfiction. Just reading, not writing. *cue a collective sigh of relief from my flist* I tend to lean towards general fic rather than slash, and I quite like those stories that take an unexplored plot thread from canon and go "What if?"

But despite not actively seeking out slash/romance/whatever you want to call it, the fact remains that most fics I've come across contain at least one relationship, and that generally means at least one sex scene.

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*looks at you*


In other, non Throbbing Marble Column related news, the first class of handbalancing was last night. I was careful to avoid exercises that might aggravate my shoulder, and today it's okay. Yay! I've lost a bit of fitness for sustained handstands, but I can do it and that makes me happy. Also, I learned to balance upside down on the back of a chair.