October 17th, 2012

fun and games

Question of great cultural import

So Osteodude is English, and he likes football. I made the mistake of asking what kind of football.


Right then, so I found his (metaphorical) tender spot then. Let's call that revenge for all the times he's found my (literal) one. But I couldn't leave it there, oh, no. I am nothing if not blindly oblivious enquiring-minded, and I had to know - "Which kind is that?"

In response I was treated to a lecture about how in the Middle East, more people play football than play rugby in the entire world. Not to be daunted, I replied "So you mean soccer then?"

By now he was somewhat red in the face, and calmly explained to me through gritted teeth that NZers and Americans are the only ones that call it soccer - to the rest of the world it's football. I was all "So how do you differentiate? Because here we have soccer, rugby, league, American football, touch, sevens and Aussie rules, and they can all be called football."

Apparently.This.Is.Not.The.Case.In.England. And clearly this local nomenclature pains him greatly. It's not as if I'm even a rugby head with all that weird soccer-rivalry one-upmanship thing that goes on - it was an innocent question. Honest.

So now I'm curious, oh global flist - when you hear 'football', what is the first game that springs to mind?

In other news, Aristotal II lives but I haven't had a chance to test out the new graphics card yet because everything needs updating and it hasn't finished yet. Oh but I do love a clean install. I always swear that this time I'll keep my folders tidy and everything in its place. And this time I really mean it.


[edit] Another thing - we watched episode 1 of Walking Dead season 2 last night. What does it say about me that in the part where Crossbow Bicep Dude is gutting the zombie, all I could do was shake my fists at the screen going "UR DOIN IT RONG!" Seriously, that is not how you gut things. Just saying.