October 16th, 2012


My thumbs, not so green ackshully - TW discussion of paedophilia in comments

The other thing I did over the weekend was sort out the balcony plants. I've been in the apartment a year. WHOAH. And in that time I've tried various things on the balcony. I moved in with visions of growing vegetables and herbs and having a veritable verdant jungle out there. I quickly discovered that this balcony has several inherent issues:

1. It's in shade till about 3pm then the sun blasts in.
2. Powdery mildew loves those conditions.
3. Every aphid and whitefly in Wellington also loves this balcony.

So it's become a survival of the fittest type experiment, in which I plant stuff, and if it grows and thrives it stays, if it doesn't, I don't buy that again. I'm willing to spray occasionally but not religiously. I've now got a few plants that are surviving, some are even thriving.

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I can honestly say this is the hardest garden I've ever done. I've battled bugs and difficult light before, but never together in such vast quantities. Damnit I will have my green space! But it appears it will be pretty and inedible, and it'll be all about the foliage. Hmm.. could be worse I guess.

Happy, this is your cue to jump in and say something controversial because talking about plants is boring.