October 15th, 2012

this is the hook

In which I spend a lot of money without warning

So I was just sitting there, minding my own business and playing some inane flash game, when suddenly...

.. a wild BSoD appears!

.. and then disappears as the screen goes black. Boo. And then tries to restart, and fails, and asks me for a boot disk. To which I go "Ummm..."

Collapse )

These are the times when I'm glad I keep a slush fund for breakdowns, and keep putting money in there even when it looks flush. Because otherwise I'd be all "WOE! BUSTED PUTER! ARGH!" As it is I have to wait for said bits to arrive, which will stretch my almost non-existent patience to capacity.

I am also waiting for other things. Freedom's Call got gooped over the weekend, and because of the rain/humidity it's going to take its full 72 hours to be dry enough to work with. Also, there's acres of sanding to do. This one has to look like metal, not old bone. So it has to be done thoroughly. After one experimental brushover, I decided this was best tackled using a dremel. So I'm waiting for that to arrive too. *sighs and drums fingers*

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a bit Better Homes And Gardens because I made yoghurt in my slow cooker and it worked. Yes I know yoghurt is really easy but still. It worked and I'm stoked. Although, I'm not normally a milk drinker and it seems really sweet. Is that normal?