October 12th, 2012

deal with it

A thing wot has been on my mind

This morning...

Him: I wish I had a higher constitution.
Me: We could always buff you with spirulina potion.

I also realised this morning that I have never purchased or owned an Apple product. This isn't for any reason of politics, fashion or taking sides in the Great Gadget Debate. I just.. haven't. Does this make me some kind of freak?

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In other news, yesterday's experiment of swapping the fruit salad in my lunch for bread, cheese and nuts, then having the fruit for dinner worked really well. Come 6pm I still wasn't hungry! Win! This morning I added a helping of yoghurt to my breakfast.

Check me out being all healthy and shit.

Meanwhile, the YoT's school sent home a notice saying they've had a case of rheumatic fever*. For those who aren't aware, rheumatic fever is a disease of poverty*, exacerbated by living in damp, cold, overcrowded conditions, and its incidence has doubled in New Zealand since 2005. How's that brighter future coming on, John?

* My Dad had this as a kid, living in northern England in the Great Depression in a 300 year old stone house with 11 other people and sharing a bed with his siblings. It was why he didn't get drafted for World War 2 - at 18 he was still too sick to be considered fit enough. This should not be happening in New Zealand.