October 11th, 2012


Forming a mage army..

After yesterday's experiment with real-life D&D stats, it doesn't seem that the test is particularly biased in any way, but it has demonstrated that most of my friends are squishy. Happy posed the theory that this is because most of the warrior types aren't on the internet, they are off hitting things. Which is kind of ironic given that based on stats, he's our damage warrior. Here's how it played out:

Tank = dreadbeard with a massive constitution of 13. Hey, it was the highest!
Damage warrior = Happy who is strong but squishy therefore will need buffing and healing a lot.
Melee rogue = clashfan because of her stature and dexterity*
Ranged rogue = tieke - dextrous but squishy. Also, won't play if she can't have a pet.
Mages = All of the rest of us. Apparently we are a pack of intellectuals, some wiser than others. And I might end up being the off-tank (fuck yeah tanking mages!) based on constitution which could work out ok with enough crowd control**.

Despite the fact that we don't have a lot of melee power going on, as we all know facing a large group of mages can easily become Wipe-O-Rama, so I reckon we'd stand a reasonable chance. As long as we were playing RL WoW and could have a party of 10-15. If we're only allowed four, I reckon we're fucked.

* In the games I play, dexterity doesn't just count for dodging attacks but also for crit chance and lockpicking.
** Clearly I have thought about this far too much.

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Meanwhile, so far our illustrious lecturer/tutor combo has not put any old exam papers up on Blackboard to help with revision for my LAST EVER EXAM! This is frustrating. I don't think I've ever done a course where we were expected to walk into the exam with no indication whatsoever of what the expectations would be. I am hoping it's not because they've been covering it in lectures*. That would be ironic given how useless the lectures have previously been.

* For those who are new, I stopped going to the lectures because they were just repetitions of the course readings where the lecturer would talk really slowly and you were expected to copy down what he said. Fuck that.

I will ask today in the tutorial what the deal is.

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