October 5th, 2012


In which I would like an inflatable studio please

Yesterday I bought myself a new toy. It's a jigsaw - not of the putting-pieces-together-to-make-a-picture-of-Italy variety, but of the cutting-weird-shapes-from-wood variety. For those who are about to say "Oi, you could have borrowed mine!" just imagine having to travel to my house to borrow something off me every time you want to make something, and you'll understand why I bought one.

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So I'm left with a choice - get rid of some stuff (Oh noes! But I might use it one day!*), stop making stuff (never!)or make a dedicated workspace for putting things that are drying. Or, I guess I could just muddle through and live with the fact that part of our lounge is going to look like Frankenstein's lab at least some of the time.

So anyway, I know there are a lot of makers on my flist. I'm curious what y'all do. Do you work in your living space and just pretend you can't see it? Tidy everything away or at least try to arrange it tastefully? Have your own making space (in which case I HAVE TEH ENVY!)? Or something else? Oh flist, tell me how to be creative and tidy at the same time!

* The hard part about that 'but I might use it one day' argument is that for me, it's often true. I get obsessed with making *thing* and when I need *specific bit of stuff*, it turns out I have it because of 'but I might use it one day'. So, um, yeah.