October 4th, 2012


In which I contemplate spending too much money on electronics - again.

Question for the cooking-ey type folks on here. When using reduced cream in cooking (things like stroganoff), what's a good way to counteract the sweetness? I am assuming someone here will go "Duh, salt", but would that actually counteract it, or just add another flavour? I'm hoping for something that will just.. savouryise it.

Also, I'm allowed to make up words because I'm a parent. Logic. I has it.

In other news, every computer upgrade I've ever done has been driven by a game, and I feel another one coming on.

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As you can see, the 30 day meme lasted all of 2 days. Cue a huge sigh of relief from my friends list. Ah well.

So anyway, last night I started making Freedom's Call. To make this one, I'm going to have to learn:
    How to use a jigsaw.
    How to do overlay leather plaiting. I can do a fourplait to make stockwhips but I've never done it with a core before.
    How to paint wood to look like metal.

Part of why I do these things is the buzz of working out how to do them, and learning new skills. But when I'm old I'll have a house full of pretty-but-useless retro videogame references. Oh well, could be worse, eh?