September 28th, 2012



I keep getting mistaken for other people. Yesterday, my tutor was all "I saw you the other day at that protest!" and I was kind of "Hey if it was a good protest that gives me credibility, I'll take it." Then in the coffee shop on the way home, the barista talked to me for a couple of minutes about stuff that happened at Spinfluence before I let him off the hook by telling him I wasn't there. And he gave me a free coffee out of embarrassment.

So clearly I have a doppelganger running round protesting and attending circus festivals. I wonder if I could get her to go to work for me too? That'd be awesome. Or maybe I could get away with all those things I've wanted to do in public by blaming it on her...

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Yes, I am that workmate. Someone has to be.

So anyway, do you have a doppelganger? Or look like someone famous? I don't, sadly. Although I reckon Tank Girl could be as good as me with a bit of practice...