September 24th, 2012


Insectile aliens are sexy sometimes

Dorky Project is now in the Teach Tats Patience phase, in that the stuff I applied to it over 2 days this weekend takes 72 hours to dry enough to start the finishing process. It's out on the balcony where it'll catch some sun to try and speed up this process, and meanwhile I'm fidgeting about and sitting on my hands, and reading about feminist criminology for this week's lack of lecture, and checking it every 5 minutes to see if it's dry yet.

It's not. *bler*

And playing Mass Effect 2.

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Also, I found out how to get A Bard's Tale running on Win7. And checked to see if Dorky Project was dry some more. And made pizza - capsicum, feta, sun dried tomato, pesto and olives (for those wot like them) ftw.

This week I'm keeping Wednesday evening free for one pombagira who is having a birthday and a gathering at Fidels for celebratory purposes. And spending the rest of the time trying to think of something to say about labelling theory for my next essay, which is due in four weeks. Last essay of my undergraduate study OMG OMG OMG last one OMfuckingG I am so over this.

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