September 21st, 2012


The Art of Culling (or, why Jesus was not a good shepherd)

So this morning's pillow talk was about why it's not sensible to keep a dragon in an apartment. I thought my argument that New Zealand has too many cows and that the dragon could help cull them would win the day, but apparently dealing with cow-sized dragon poo is an effective counter to that. Also, what happens when it won't fit in the kitchen window any more vs using the neighbour's balcony as a landing pad and how to deal with a house full of treasure. *sigh*

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* Nobody else really proselytises here. The hare krishnas dance around with tambourines going "Hey we're having an awesome time want some free vegie food?" and the Falun Gong meditate in Cuba Mall with signs showing what the Chinese Government has done to them, but that's about it.
** Bo Peep moved to Australia when the ECA came in.

Anyway, do you reckon I should make a dragon? I've been doing a bit of paper mache stuff lately and enjoying it, and I like dragons. A paper mache one wouldn't poo either, so there's that. However, before you go "WTF Tats of course you should make a dragon!" Remember I have to put it somewhere. Think about how much you'd like a dragon in your apartment (even a little one) and how it'd need dusting and how it would take up random space that could be actual space and whether it'd be worth the sacrifices to have a dragon. This is the thing - I don't know if I want to have a dragon - I just want to make one.

Sound familiar?

Oh yeah, while I remember, t_c_da asked me to boost the signal on this. Girl acts in movie believing she's making a fantasy movie, turns out when it's released it's been overdubbed and turned into a hate movie about Muslims. Nasty.

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Pet peeve buzzword of the day: unpack.

When did we start having to unpack our emotions instead of, you know, analysing them? Or Unpack a statement instead of evaluating it? Seriously, if I never hear 'unpack' again in a context outside groceries or suitcases, it'll be too soon.