September 19th, 2012

this is the hook

Getting mussleyer by the .. month.

So the YoT's year is having a ball. Not the "Yay this is awesome fun" kind, or the large rolly kind either, but the dressing up in fancy clothes and being all posh while pretending you know how to waltz kind. I guess it makes sense, it's the last year of school for them and as we all know, by the end of next year almost everything in their lives will have changed, and they want to have a bunch of photos of themselves together, looking silly, to be embarrassed about when they're 40.

Maybe that's just me. But go on, tell me your school ball photos aren't embarrassing.

But yeah, so some time in the next couple of months my offspring is going to dress up in a suit and let me take photos of him. That's the deal - I pay, I get pictures. It says something about something that it didn't even occur to me to ask if he was taking a date. That just doesn't seem to be an issue with him and his friends, they are all just going as a group, which seems to include inordinately tall geeks and tiny blonde women*.

Yesterday, DoomBoy added still more weight to my weighty things. We've now gone from doing about 4-6 reps of OMG HEAVY to 2-3 reps of GONNADIEHERE. I am a bit crap at paying attention to how much weight he's putting on, but from what I could gather yesterday there were 2 10s, 2 5s and 2 2.5s, which with the 20 for the bar makes a total of 55kg. I'm not far off that 60kg goal now, and it seems I have settled into making fish faces as my signature 'strenuous activity' visage**. Also, Osteodude is right in that training doesn't affect my shoulder and yay for not having to stop. I have to avoid sleeping on it though, which means I only have two comfortable sleeping positions and I wake up to turn over on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Dorky Project has moved on from the resin stage, which means I'm now making visible progress again. Every day I have to resist the urge to post pics, because it isn't really going to look like anything until it's finished. And then most people will probably be all "Oh" anyway, because hello, dorky. But I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from doing it, and there is a tiny percentage of the population that will think it's cool. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Yeah.

And I have booked time off for after my degree so it looks like the Melbourne trip is a go. Which makes me go *SQUEEEEEEE* because Melbourne! And rivet! And dancing! In springtime! Oh, and did I mention the bit about there being no more schoolwork? I did? Oh, slipped my mind. *cough*

* Seriously. I don't want to sound like That Mother but all his female friends are blonde and about 5'2" and I find it hard to tell them apart. It doesn't help that at least 2 of them have the same name.

** This reminds me. All you people who were going to contribute towel-on-head shots? I'm still waiting..