September 17th, 2012


My bumpy bits, updated

So the word from Osteodude is that I have strained the ligaments at both ends of my collarbone, known to those in the know as the AC joint and the SC joint. OK cool, that means that judicious application of voltaren will eventually sort it and as long as I'm careful to avoid particular kinds of pressure while it heals, I can keep training.

More interesting is what caused it. I've known for a while that my left shoulder is less flexible than the other one, but the stuff I'm doing now is using the full range of motion for both shoulders, and since the left one is less flexible, the stresses that should be carried by the big grunty ball and socket joint are being transferred to the AC joint, which isn't built for such things. So I've been sent away with a bunch of stretches, some extremely painful, some not. The intention is to flexify my left shoulder so it doesn't go bung when I do stuff with it.

And yes, that lump on my shoulder is involved in this. That's the AC joint (or the top of it anyway). It shouldn't look like that but it's apparently fairly common for it to end up looking like that if you get knocked around a lot. So there you go.

Meanwhile, this weekend we went up the coast to celebrate Gadjit's 30th birthday. The place we stayed in was Uncompromisingly Yellow in that yellow-and-blue style that was so popular a few years ago, but it was very comfortable and clean. It was nice to get out of town. Here is the shipwreck that the town of Waitarere seems to have grown up around.

Also, progress has been made on Dorky Project. I envision it being at least another couple of weeks before it's done, but still, progress. And this morning, I've been fiddling around with interest rates on the mortgage and managed to sort one that reduces the term of the thing by 3 years. Now I feel like a grownup.