September 14th, 2012


I R INTERLEKSHUL (I'm really not you know)

Last night I dreamed I was judging a Best Undies contest between a group of men who weren't actually present - just their undies hanging on a line. Then the owner of the undies would come out in the nude and do a spicy shimmy, and it was rated based on crowd response. The guy who won was gangly and skinny and had blue pinstriped boxers and incredibly mobile hips. This was followed up by glossy-black-and-green-painted qunari doing adagio style pole dancing.

I totally blame The Pickup Artist. And my bizarre brain.

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tl;dr I can't help myself, I am incorrigible. I got into a lot of trouble for doing that at school (my physics teacher hated me) but fuckit, someone has to make tutorials entertaining, right?

Also he said some stuff about post-structuralism and post-modernism and how he holds little truck with these because really, Durkheim nicked a bunch of his ideas from Aristotle and there's really nothing new under the sun (or so it seemed he was saying). I have problems with all these post- type labels because a) I don't really understand what they mean in real terms and b) it all seems a bit wanky. I understand the value of labels in categorisation, but if the ideas aren't new, why not group them according to their commonalities rather than some arbitrary timescale? I've got no issue with Foucault and Marx being in the same group, or Aristotle and Durkheim either.\

Meanwhile, I'll be over here, by myself in the naughty seat. I am a bad bad girl. *evil grin*

* I think claiming Marxism as a Grand Theory isn't fair, because Marx was kind of all "But my theory covers everything ever!" and that's too broad and complicated to make a Grand Theory. But I think maybe that's why this guy is so into him - he really does have a go at the entire universe.