September 12th, 2012


Oh Tats, why do you hate freedom?

Yeah so it's the 12th of September. That means that in other parts of the world, it's the 11th.

On my flist, I'm seeing expression after expression from people, that they just want to be allowed to move on already, but that America isn't letting them. These people are American. People who lost people, or know people who did, who are not able to grieve naturally and move on because of all the sentiment around this date being dragged up again every year.

On this side of the world, I grieve for the way the US didn't deal with this, instead choosing to turn on its own citizens in an ironic destruction of freedom (in the name of freedom), a reduction of living standards (in an effort to prove itself still great by force), and by creating an environment of extremism in which the victims of impotent anger at the country's perceived vulnerability, are the country's most vulnerable people. That stuff echoes around the globe, and has affected all of us.

Acts of terrorism occur all the time. There have even been acts of terrorism on New Zealand soil. Most countries deal with it and move on. Please, US government - can you too? Can you stop forcing your people to submit to ineffective and humiliating 'security checks' every five minutes? Can you stop spending billions on pointless wars and maybe look at improving the minimum wage and providing universal healthcare? Can you stop acting as though saying "We are the greatest country on earth" will make it so regardless of what you do to your people?

Mostly, can you stop browbeating your own citizens in the name of freedom? Nobody else is buying it. Except our bloody prime minister, but he's a knobhead.

Feel free to unfriend me if you think I'm talking out of turn. I care about the people who died in 9/11. I care more about the people who were left behind and what's been done to them because of it. And I also care about all the other people who die in droves daily that don't get a day to commemmorate them.