September 11th, 2012


Caffeine induced scatteredness

Last night I dreamed that the Titanic disaster had been made into a video game. It was about as thrilling as you might expect, with bonus "OHAI Fenris wot R U doin heer?" moments. It mostly seemed to be about battling your way ruthlessly onto lifeboats. O.o

Meanwhile, you know when you're in the grip of creativity and all you want to do is make that thing you're making? Yeah, that. Sadly, I am having to wait for stuff to dry between coats and it takes 24 bloody hours, which is a ridiculously long amount of time. Worse, it's about the slow buildup of layers, and I'm going to need at least four, and so that's four days of only getting 5 minutes a day's work done on Silly Project DBESR. *gnng* I keep telling myself that I'm a grownup and that delayed gratification is where it's at, but I suspect myself of lying.

Here, have a picture of the pretty tulip that just opened on our balcony:

Tulips make me think of my Mum.

Tonight, I'm going to attempt acro. My shoulder is by no means better, but it's the last class for the term and I can always stop if it becomes a problem. Right? Right? I haven't even used the parallettes that Happy made me yet. *more gnng*