September 7th, 2012


In which I move furniture and try to give stuff away

Last night I rearranged the lounge. I know, riveting. I have a love/hate relationship with our lounge - I think it looks grannyish and I know this is mostly to do with the couch and chairs that did actually belong to a granny before I had them. One day I'd like to replace them with just couches, but until that happens I'm resigned to it not being how I want it. However, the hanging of the TV on the wall last weekend led to some extra space being available, so I fiddled it around a bit to see what could be done.

Collapse )

In other news, now the other end of my collarbone (where it attaches under my neck) is swollen and sore. WTF body? Why are you doing this? Stop it at once. *ahem*

Also, in that picture you'll notice that it's daylight. In the morning, before I leave for work, even. This means it is actually springlike, and I am thankfully feeling the change in the light, which improves my frame of mind. And makes me horny. Cos we are animals and it's spring. *cough* Go on, tell me that doesn't happen to you.

PS David Tennant is adorable as Casanova.