September 4th, 2012


Of all the structurally stupid arrangements

So on Friday I got the clearance from OsteoDude. This means I don't have to go back and get pretzel'ed any more unless I have problems. He said I should keep doing the exercises as a matter of habit, since the muscles they strengthen support the whole structure and will help prevent reoccurrence. I should apparently also keep doing the 5 seconds of OHBLOODYHELLFREEZING at the end of every shower.

I'm going to. You may point and laugh at me now if you like, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it.

Anyway, I had a total of 24 hours free and clear before I hurt myself again, this time being silly on a trapeze. I don't think I pulled anything - I certainly didn't feel any sudden-onset pain - but on Saturday evening I couldn't really use the arm and it still hurts a bit today.

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tl;dr Angsting about a potential shoulder injury that I've been pretending wasn't there and that OsteoDude didn't pick up.

Meanwhile, Wellington is doing its best to pretend it's spring. I like this warm business, and the quality of the light has changed enough to make me go "Yay spring!" And apparently our essays are marked and note my restraint in not going to get mine within 5 minutes of finding out. First time ever, and mostly because I'm not expecting a good mark but also partly because I.. just don't care all that much.

I guess I should be thankful I managed to care for as long as I did. Maybe if I get a better mark than expected I'll start caring again?